About Us

Founded in 2008, Omthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an emerging specialty pharmaceuticals company focusing its efforts on the clinical development of new therapies for dyslipidemia. Led by a team of experts with exceptional experience in developing new therapies for lipid disorders, Omthera is dedicated to developing innovative therapies for the millions of patients who have elevated triglyceride levels and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The lead product candidate is Epanova, an Omega 3 fatty acid compound in Phase III clinical development as a triglyceride-lowering adjunct therapy to diet in patients with very high triglycerides (≥500 mg/dL). Future planned clinical trials for Epanova include patients with high triglycerides (≥200 mg/dL and ≤ 500 mg/dl) currently on statin therapy. Omthera holds worldwide rights to Epanova.